Hello world! Meet Us :)

Gahhh…it’s my first blog post and I don’t know where to begin. I guess I will start with introducing the main little lady and the reason I’ve decided to start this blog…

Meet Dixie. She is amazing, grumpy, beautiful, stubborn, willfull and has THE most crazy hair. She loves balloons, noisy toys, crinkly sounds & FOOD. She also has a cheeky little extra chromosome 9 in some of her cells AKA Trisomy 9 Mosaic (T9M). She is 14 months old. 

Meet Maisy, Dixie’s big sissy and idol. She doesn’t have any cheeky little extra chromosomes but she is most definitely cheeky. 4.5 years old going on 25, she is the ruler of our house. She loves dress up, baby dolls, princesses and being the centre of attention. She is also the BEST big sister ever and has slightly less crazy hair!!  

Meet daddy L. The girls daddy who we shall call the silent partner at this point. I haven’t got around to telling him about starting this blog yet..!!

And finally meet me. The girls mummy and the reason for the crazy hair (sorry sweet girls) I’m here because I have a story to tell, our story and I want to tell it. Nice to meet you 😉



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