My little HAIR raisers!!!

Can we just spend a little time here talking about something important. I’ve already touched on it in my previous posts but it’s important for me to just get it off my chest.

Okay, here goes. MychildrenhavebothgotCRAZYhair!!! Did you hear me? Phew. Much better.

And I feel guilty that it’s my fault. The bad hair gene. And it seems to get worse with every child.

Let me take you back to my first born Maisy. She welcomed the world with a beautiful full head of dark hair. That started falling out. Changed colours every month. And eventually settled on a strawberry blonde mullet. A beautiful head of mullet. I would trim the back in the hope the front would catch up. It just never did.

The mullet!


Dixie was also born with a beautiful full head of dark hair. That once dried out from the birth yuck, had a strange crinkle in it. And within a day or two I noticed her fringe not only had a flash of blonde, but went in a completely different direction to the rest of her hair. And it was so long. Her body wasn’t growing inside my womb but there was no doubt her hair was. Thankfully there are baby hats. And very cute ones.

See…cute baby hats


Dixie does not want the world to see her hatless!!


The first time I saw my hairdresser I literally handed her Dixie, pointed to her fringe and asked if there’s anything to be done? Her response was get some lovely headbands and clips – ‘she ain’t ever gonna have a fringe’!!

Even Daddy L got in on the act and mentioned us starting a fundraiser for her. ‘For what?’ I asked.
‘To get Toni & Guy in’!!

Everyone’s a comedian.

I will never forget the report we received from Dr diagnosis following his examination of Dixie. It wasn’t a particularly nice thing to read as it picked out her ‘unusual’ features in details. Then I came across ‘coarse, slightly wiry hair’. My initial reaction was to laugh. That turned to a bit peeved. Mama bear was out. Yes her hair was crazy. Yes it was wild. No it was not coarse OR wiry. I was planning my choice words for when I saw him again!

Not coarse or wiry πŸ˜‰


Fourteen months old now and my girl still has the crazy hair, the unruly fringe and even some curls. But I wouldn’t change one single hair on her head. She is perfect to me.

And Maisy. Well her hair outgrew that mullet a couple of years back, though the colour still changes every season.

So there we have it. Whether they be crazy haired or not. My girls are my world and I bloody love them. Lots and lots like jelly tots πŸ’• And no. Lucky for him I never did see Dr diagnosis again!!




  1. Kelly smith · August 31, 2015

    As the girls hairdresser/friend the girl have great hair Dixie will probably never have a fringe but why have a fringe it will hid her beautiful face 😘😘😘xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura · September 1, 2015

    Lol linsey it’s good to laugh and a skill to make others laugh along with you πŸ˜‚ xx

    Liked by 1 person

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