Sisterly love 💗

I think there is something really special about a bond between two sisters. And I know that first hand as I’ve been pretty blessed in that department.

My sister & I are two years apart (me being the younger) and growing up I would say we had a good friendship and understanding. For instance we shared a room so my big sister ‘understood’ I would make a huge mess and she would tidy up!!

Seriously though she is one of a kind. She’s so incredibly thoughtful. She will do anything for anyone. Nothing is too much bother. I always wished when growing up she wasn’t my sister so she could be my best friend instead. I didn’t realise at the time that she could be both.

My bond with my siblings (yes I do also have a wonderful brother who is very special too) was one of the reasons I really wanted Maisy to have a brother or a sister. I would watch her play by herself and remember my childhood. Playing shops, silly board games, Lego etc with my siblings and I wanted that for her too.

When I found out I was having Dixie I felt complete. I know it sounds silly considering it hadn’t been planned and it was horrible timing as I was being made redundant. But I knew in my heart that our little family of four would fill a hole I hadn’t realised was there till then. Daddy L, our girls and I would take on the world.

Then Dixie arrived with that extra chromosome and the future i’d envisioned for my girls completely changed. At one point I felt instead of giving Maisy a gift, I’d given her a burden. It’s incredibly painful to think back to those feelings. And it makes me feel like crap that I felt that way.

Only that’s not how Maisy ever saw her. In those early weeks she became mummy’s little helper. She would come sit with me while I endlessly pumped breast milk. She wanted to hold her, cuddle her, read her stories. She wanted to come to appointments. She would talk incessantly about when they would share bunk beds. If I was in the next room, she would race in excited to tell me that Dixie was doing this or doing that. She didn’t see anything other than Dixie. Her sister.

And it gets better. This summer I’ve seen something amazing happen. My girls playing. Maisy putting on dance shows while her sister smiles and laughs with excitement. A communication between them that sees Maisy knowing when Dixie needs to be calmed down or entertained. More cuddles but ones reciprocated. I’ve had many a car journey this summer listening to my girls giggling together in the back. Ive watched all of this, and I’ve listened. My heart is full.

Maisy is however still only 4 and it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. She wakes her up. Sometimes she’s too boisterous and excitable. Sometimes Dixie wants to be left alone or Maisy would prefer to play with someone else. But Maisy is definitely the best sister I could imagine for Dixie. And Dixie’s reaction of joy when her ‘sissy’ takes moments to just play with her is written all over her face 💗

image image image


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