My wishbone


I saw this quote and it got me thinking. Do I have any of those ‘bones’?

Starting to blog and post on Facebook was HUGE for me. It took a lot of courage. After all I’m spilling my guts for all the world to see. Warts and all. Im putting us out there to be judged.

And its scary because deep down I’m a sensitive soul.

I care what people think. Too much. I like reassurance. That I’m making good decisions, the right decisions or that I’m just plain doing good. I worry I might say the wrong thing or the right thing the wrong way.

But I love to write. It helps me process things. And its nice to have people share our journey. Less lonely.

So I cracked on.

And I created my blog first. Then Dixie’s page followed. I sent out the invites to like her page and within minutes people were responding. It was really heartwarming as there was nothing on her page to see at that point.

I’d be lying if I hadn’t already made a mental list of those I assumed would follow us, follow her. Only thats not what happened at all. Those I thought of as our biggest supporters, have not shown a shred of interest. No cheerleading. No good job. No acknowledgment. Nada.

That bothers me.

It actually bothers me in so many ways, but mostly I just don’t understand why. It will be added up alongside the other life lesson I’ve learned along the way. Never assume!!

I understand we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe they want to remain in their little bubble. Perhaps they don’t want our reality staring them in the face. Or maybe we’re not that interesting 😉

Whatever the reason. My skin will get thicker. And I will not take it personally. Because it probably isn’t. Mostly.

Then there is the positive side of all this. You guys. For every person who hasn’t cared, Dixie’s page had 10 more of you that do. Some total strangers, or friends of friends. And ok her page is still small but thats ok, because its doing its job. Its purpose.

Because ultimately, I started the blog, the page. The warts and all. For two reasons.

Reason one. To simply raise awareness. This world we entered over a year ago. This world of genetics and extra chromosomes, missing chromosomes, partials, deletions, mosaicism. It was nothing I had ever heard of before.

It was an eye opener. I felt lost, alone, unprepared. I didn’t know where to start. I was scared to join the groups at first. Fear of facing our reality.

Which leads me to reason two. To reach other parents going through the same thing. To show them Dixie without them having to make themselves known. To help those families feel less alone. To leave it in their corner to make contact if they needed to.

And I’m so happy to say that I’m already doing all I hoped. Even with my ‘small’ page, I am reaching families and my Dixie doo is helping them. She’s pretty amazeballs after all 😉

So going back to the quote above. THIS is my wishbone. I mean not entirely. But for right now, my wish is to carry on blogging and carry on helping.

My backbone needs a bit of work. But its growing stronger by the day.

Funnybone? I guess you would have to ask my friends!!




  1. ollie2105 · October 7, 2015

    Dear LovelyLinsay

    I don’t know you all that well not having spent a lot of time with you – I just know about you from the obvious !!!! bless him 🙂
    However I do feel very strongly that you have an amazing backbone not through choice perhaps but through circumstances. I wish bone .. certainly but your wishbone may be quite a bit bigger than most.
    As for a funny bone….. well… I really don’t know but I feel Maisy may contribute to that and I am sure Dixie Flo will contribute more as she grows up .
    I had a lot of emotional problems years ago with various things and had some professional help, and the people I saw all said the same thing “Write it down” everything I was feeling, it’s a sort of therapy. I did write it down and somehow it did help, so doing what your doing is a bit of therapy for you and it may help others so basically all good
    Keep up the good work

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Steve Cripwell · October 7, 2015

    Reblogged this on My Write and commented:
    Another great blog post from my very talented daughter (they’re both talented actually, as is my son too) It’s well worth a read.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pat Young · October 9, 2015

    Your blogs are great I love reading them and I am sure they will help many people.
    Dixie is very lucky to have you as her mummy keep up the amazing job you are doing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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