Ups & downs

We are just (hopefully) getting over our first lingering virus of the year. And it's summer!

I've always dreaded coming into the winter because of all the bugs and yet here we are going on two weeks of poorly-ness.

Illness for our Dixie means rapid weight loss. And when your goal is to fatten her up, the idea she's losing every day of illness is really frustrating.

Coughing runs the risk of her being sick. Which then turns into the worry of aspirating on the sick. This can be so dangerous for our little lady. If the liquid were to get on her lungs she could end up very poorly with something called aspiration pneumonia.

Illness also means a stop to her 'work outs'! No stander, no exercises and no therapy. Just a lot of lying around and sleeping it off. Yet again highly frustrating.

And this is the part that's a bit amazing. Considering all that has been going on with Dixie, she seems to have made a couple of small strides.

Even though she's only wanting to eat yoghurt, she has started taking her dummy out when she sees the yoghurt pot in anticipation for the food.

Not a big deal I hear you say!!!! But in our world it's pretty exciting.

You see before, she would forget her dummy was in her mouth and she would lean for the food without taking her dummy out. It means her understanding of small tasks like these are improving and she now realises she has to take out her dummy to be able to eat.

Proud mama.

A couple of days ago I had Dixie between my legs waiting for Maisy to finish school. She'd got restless in her pushchair and wanted to get off my lap too. I looped my arm under both of hers to support her upper body and she just locked her legs and stood. Yes stood. For several seconds at a time.

My heart was literally bursting out of my chest. Another school mum observed her too and made the comment that she'd never seen her do that!!

Happy mama!

So sickness, no therapy and a cough that sounds like a dog barking hasn't stopped my girl still making those small steps forward.

And to put a very big cherry on the top of the cake we got to take home Dixie's learning journal from nursery!


I just never imagined her doing 'typical' things, but she is! And here's some of the pics to prove it…,,


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